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Bands & projects: Heartscope

The spirit of the old, the new and the eternal are embedded in the sound of HEARTSCOPE. The three musicians: Anna Lachegyi (viola da gamba), Máté Lachegyi (piano) and Julian Sarmiento (double bass) create a new musical dimension together through the unique combination of their instruments and the diversity of their musical worlds: early music, jazz, sacred music, contemporary, and pop.

They transform existing pieces into our own by setting them in discussion with pieces they composed, by disintegrating them into small elements and rebuilding them in a new way like a cubist painting, or by reshaping them with improvisation. The result is a meditative yet powerful music, using minimalistic techniques with a pronouncedly spiritual attitude, which gives their music a ritual character.

The group is also forged by a family bond: Anna and Máté are siblings, while Julian is Anna’s husband.


  • Anna Lachegyi — viola da gamba
  • Máté Lachegyi — piano
  • Julian Sarmiento — double bass