Realms of Imagination: a concert series by Máté Lachegyi

Realms of Imagination

Thanks to the generous support of the Balkonscènes subsidy programme by the Dutch Performing Arts Fund, Máté is announcing the concert series ‘Realms of Imagination’. The four concerts take place between July—August at different venues in Amsterdam: Splendor, Singelkerk and De Roode Bioscoop. Each concert delves into a different ‘realm’ in which imagination plays an important role: dreams, spirituality, poetry and cinematography, featuring various bands and projects led by Máté Lachegyi.

While the first and the third concert feature Máté Lachegyi’s two existing bands (his trio Ancoor and the Máté Lachegyi Quartet with special guest Maripepa Contreras on oboe), and their programme consist of his own compositions, connected to our unconsciousness and inspired by films, the line-up as well as the programme of the other two concerts is formed especially for this series. For the second concert, which delves into the musical aspects of the sacred and transcendent in the world and in our mind, Máté will share the stage with his sister, Anna (on viola da gamba) and Anna’s husband, Julián Sarmiento (on double bass). This unique instrumentation determines the programme: a mixture of early music and contemporary pieces (partly composed by Máté Lachegyi for this concert) as well as improvisations. The last concert brings the connection between spoken word and music into focus, featuring Dutch poet Willemijn van den Geest and a band formed by accomplished Amsterdam-based musicians. They will not only play music they have composed on the poems of Willemijn, but also improvise together with the poems while they are being read to.

The four concerts are:

  • 1 July — Vol. I:‘Dreams’
    Máté Lachegyi Quartet & Maripepa Contreras
  • 4 July — Vol. II: ‘Seeing with the Heart’
    Máté Lachegyi, Anna Lachegyi & Julián Sarmiento
  • 14 August — Vol. III: ‘Cinematic Visions”
    ANCOOR (Máté Lachegyi / Uldis Vītols / Clemens Lotz)
  • 20 August — Vol. IV: ‘The Words Come to Life’ — poetry & jazz
    Willemijn van den Geest, Thijs van den Geest, Máté Lachegyi, Pedro Ivo Ferreira Ferreira, Floris van Elderen

For tickets, venues & starting times, see Concerts page.

Ancoor: new digital album release & limited tape cassette edition


The new digital album by Ancoor, the trio of Máté Lachegyi, Uldis Vītols and Clemens Lotz is released in December 2019. The album was recorded in 2018 and mainly features originals. It is avaliable for purchase & download on Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon, and it’s out on all the major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, etc.). As an exclusive physical edition, 50 numbered copies of ferro tape cassettes are also available with a special version of the album cover (designed by graphic artist Boldi Tamás Hoffmann) with gold plated letters. The cassettes ordered on Bandcamp.