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Discography: Imre Lachegyi: Visio

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Imre Lachegyi’s 2012 album ‘Visio’ is the first recording of his original compositions. The other performers are his children: Róza, Anna and Máté and an excellent jazz drummer, Szilveszter Miklós, who is also familiar with the free improvised music. Some of the pieces of the recording are close to contemporary classical music, while others more belong to jazz due to their rhythmic, melodic and harmonic elements. Impressions from Hungarian folk music and world music can also be found in them. However, the music cannot be reckoned among any musical genres. Most of the compositions have been written in a two-year period before the recording — the only exception is ‘Humming Song’, which is one of the first original piece of Imre Lachegyi. The solemn, yet intimate piece ‘Sub umbra illius’ has been written as a tribute to the great free musician and pianist György Szabados, who died a year before the release. In some of the pieces Máté has also contributed as a co-writer or with writing the piano accompaniment.


  1. You Said It! (7:24)
  2. Back to Back (7:27)
  3. Visio (8:47)
  4. Scarlet and Velvet (8:34)
  5. All through the World (6:18)
  6. Coming Home (8:45)
  7. Sub umbra illius — In memoriam Szabados György (4:04)
  8. Humming Song (6:39)
  9. Old Acquaintance (6:58)

All compositions by Imre Lachegyi, except: Coming Home is written by Imre Lachegyi — Máté Lachegyi, piano accompaniment for Humming Song is written by Máté Lachegyi


  • Imre Lachegyi — soprano, alto and tenor recorders; piano (track 6)
  • Róza Lachegyi — violin
  • Anna Lachegyi — cello
  • Máté Lachegyi — piano
  • Szilveszter Miklós — drums


Recorded on 22 December 2011 at Fonó, Budapest. Engineer and mastering: Péter Glaser. Cover photo: Csaba Dömény. Liner photos: Comandante Grande. Design: Máté Lachegyi. Produced by Imre Lachegyi. © 2012 Imre Lachegyi

Photo: Comandante Grande