About Ancoor

One would say that one plus one plus one equals three.

This trio has proved that this is not always true… As the three musicians interact, a symbiosis is emerging from their different personalities and musical temperament, which makes one plus one plus one far more than three, maybe of another dimension.

— Reinier Dozy
co-programmer, Sijthoff — Cultuur

Ancoor (previously Corona), an European jazz trio, formed in 2016 by Máté Lachegyi, Uldis Vītols & Clemens Lotz, prefers to walk on the edge, creating a constant sense of excitement. Their music is operates with complex, fascinating structures, often picturesque in their appearance, though sometimes more like a motion picture. While it breathes open rhythmic structures, the groove never stops.

Besides their influences in jazz (such as the Brad Mehldau Trio, Bobo Stenson Trio, The Bad Plus, Amok Amor), we can also find the roots of their style in Romanticism and early 20th-century (classical) music as well as Hungarian and Latvian folk music.

Composition for Ancoor is just as important as improvisation, and they often extend or abandon the traditional jazz form of ‘theme—solo—theme’.


Máté Lachegyi (Hungary) — piano
Uldis Vītols (Latvia) — double bass
Clemens Lotz (Germany) — drums

Major performances: