One would say that one plus one plus one equals three.

This trio has proved that this is not always true… As the three musicians interact, a symbiosis is emerging from their different personalities and musical temperament, which makes one plus one plus one far more than three, maybe of another dimension.

— Reinier Dozy
co-programmer, Sijthoff — Cultuur

Pianist Máté Lachegyi, bass player Uldis Vītols and drummer Clemens Lotz endeavour to broaden the boundaries of a piano trio.

The core of the trio is the balance between complex composed structures, unusual forms and spontaneous improvisation. ANCOOR walks on the edge of styles and diverse influences, brought in by the members of the band, and creating a constant excitement. Máté’s style is strongly rooted in classical music (especially early, folk and 20th-century music). Uldis comes from the avant-garde scene, which brings a totally different colour into the band, while Clemens’ uses his drumkit almost as a melodic instrument. ANCOOR often finds inspiration from films – the listeners can feel themselves drawn into a motion picture.

The debut album of ANCOOR was released in 2019 digitally and on tape cassette.

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