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Bands & projects: Máté Lachegyi & Bencze Molnár

Máté Lachegyi and Bencze Molnár are friends and musical collaborators for several years. Their relationship had started as a teacher and student (Bencze started his jazz piano studies with Máté, who was a student at the Liszt Academy of Budapest at that time), and it was only a couple of years when they started playing together. In the beginning they formed a four hands piano duo, which is quite rare in jazz. They made arrangements with an individual sound from jazz standards as well as from originals for this lineup.

More recently electric instruments have also come into Bencze’s interest —who has, in the meantime, graduated from the Music Academy as well—, so the duo’s lineup has been changed from its original form into a multi-instrumental keyboard duo. One of the two musicians plays on the piano while the other is at a Fender Rhodes electric piano intermittently, and they also use different vintage synthesizers. Their style is getting more and more individual and also more and more original compositions and arrangements from genres outside of jazz appear in their repertoire. While Máté›s style, although also changing, remained in the field of contemporary jazz, Bencze turned to neosoul, hiphop and sampler based music, inspired by Kraftwerk, Flying Lotus, Jdilla and Madlib. Their duo bind these different worlds together, creating an exciting, dynamic musical experiment.


  • Máté Lachegyi, Bencze Molnár — piano, Fender Rhodes, synthesizers