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Bands & projects: CoolHaven Quintet

CoolHaven is the Quintet of the Dutch chromatic harmonica player and composer, Armand van Wijck. The band name is a pun: the name has a meaning in English and refers to cool jazz, however, the Dutch word cool means coal, and Coolhaven is the former coal dock of Rotterdam, where now the jazz faculty of Codarts (the Art School of Rotterdam) is located. This is where Armand van Wijck studied.

About the band in Armand’s own words: ‘Music is my personal way to achieve freedom and getting into touch with my inner self and emotions. Integrity is what musicians in my opinion should value most. Playing from the heart leads me to these precious moments where I feel a strong connection and interaction with the listener or fellow musicians.With my CoolHaven Quintet I explore uncharted waters with the chromatic harmonica. Inspired by delicate playing, haunting improvisations and intuitive use of sound color make up the – at times even atmospheric – music of my quintet. Let your mind wander while you get captivated by musical stories full of emotion and contemplation.’


  • Armand van Wijck — chromatic harmonica, composition
  • Máté Lachegyi — piano
  • Tiago Lageira — guitar
  • Stef Joosten — bass guitar
  • Floris van Elderen — drums