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Discography: Corona

The first album of the Amsterdam-based European jazz piano trio Corona, formed by Hungarian pianist Máté Lachegyi, Latvian bass player Uldis Vītols and German drummer Clemens Lotz. Besides originals by Lachegyi and Vītols, it also features ‘Man in a Shed’ by Nick Drake and a jazz ballad, ‘I Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry’. For the arrangement of this latter song, Máté Lachegyi used Nelson Riddle’s beautiful orchestration which he made for Frank Sinatra.

The band name, also the title of the album, refers to the importance of spaciousness and time in their music: ‘corona’ is another Italian term for the musical symbol ‘fermata’ (a stop or an elongated musical note). Their music refuses to be labelled: it walks on the edge of genres, styles, moods and atmospheres. Therefore we won’t bother wih long descriptions of the music. Give it a listen and if you like what you hear, buy the digital album or the limited edition on tape cassettes with amazing gold plated artwork.


  1. When the Stars Align 07:52
  2. Nostalghia 06:36
  3. Consolations 07:43
  4. Siesta 05:54
  5. I Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry 08:37
  6. Man in a Shed 05:18
  7. Composition for 5 Voices 06:10
  8. Consolations (reverse) [Remix] 02:00

All compositions by Máté Lachegyi, except track 5 by Jules Styne / Sammy Cahn, track 6 by Nick Drake and track 7 by Uldis Vītols.


  • Máté Lachegyi — piano
  • Uldis Vītols — double bass
  • Clemens Lotz — drums


Recorded 30—31 May 2018 at Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Recording engineer: Lex Tanger. Mixed & mastered in Budapest by Bencze Molnár. Graphic design: Boldi Tamás Hoffmann. Produced by Máté Lachegyi, Twelve Stars Productions. Cat. no.: M1001

Photo: Lisa Soraya van der Zande